Monday, June 23, 2008

(06.23.08) Recommends:

Concert Photography, vol. 15
Sunny Day Sets Fire,
Oxford Collapse,
Frightened Rabbit,
The Roxy,
West Hollywood, Ca.

So we went to see the show that we talked about in this post. As you can tell by the original post, we thought the bill was simply Oxford Collapse and Frightened Rabbit, which was certainly a strong enough bill to get us out of the house. Then we showed up at the venue and saw they were selling Sunny Day Sets Fire merch at the merch table. And the following conversation took place:

Us: Why are you selling Sunny Day Sets Fire stuff?
Them: Um [pause] [followed by eye roll] they're the opening band.
Us: Oh, cool, we didn't know that, we like that band!
Them: [another eye roll].

To be fair, our confusion was also furthered by the fact that, inexplicably, the merch table was also selling posters of Meet Dave. Nobody was able to give us a credible explanation as to why.

This was Sunny Day Sets Fire's first US gig. We enjoyed it. Before we even knew they were on the bill, we were scheduled to see them play Wednesday as part of the LA Film Festival. So we're looking forward to seeing them again.

Next up was Oxford Collapse. There was a period back in '06 when we went about six weeks with listening to nothing but Please Visit Your National Parks. It's unclear whether we were even eating/showering during this period, so hooked were we to thi song.

The main attraction was, of course, Frightened Rabbit. They were really fun. Pretty straight forward live reproductions of the songs (in a good way). Lots of loose stage banter (again, in a good way). The crowd was really responding. It was a good set. We're going to be hearing lots more about this band. And that's a good thing.

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