Monday, January 01, 2007

(01.01.07) Recommends:

A reflection on 2006.

I won't say the following is a definitive list of my twenty favorite tracks of 2006, but it definitely is a list of twenty tracks that were played over and over and over again.

Mary; The Subways
John Henry; Bruce Springsteen
Rough Gem; Islands
Hold On, Hold On; Neko Case
Talk on Indolence; The Avett Brothers
The Funeral; Band of Horses
Death in the Garden, Blood on the Flowers; Irving
In the Valley; The Lovely Feathers
Clouds; The Long Winters
Finch on Saturday; Horse Feathers
To Go Home; M. Ward
A Little Blues; The Be Good Tanyas
Postcards From Italy; Beirut
Carry Around; Annuals
Please Visit Your National Parks; Oxford Collapse
Technology; The Whigs
Wildcat; Ratatat
Brand New Way; Rhett Miller
Snakes Got a Leg III; Sunset Rubdown
Another Sunny Day; Belle & Sebastian