Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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The Curious World of East Hollywood, Circa 2009.

So, I just logged into my blog account. I used to do this more frequently. Alas. Once I logged in again, I opened up a partially completed blog post. From March 2009. It had many photographs of East Hollywood. I'll call it East Hollywood. Is East Hollywood actual and/or acceptable nomenclature? That's a funny thing about cities: vernacular which strikes up fierce controversy within a city relegated to mere words outside of it. E.g., in Los Angeles, having a debate about what is considered the West Side vis-a-vis the East Side strikes up all manner of ostensible controversy, touching on your inner thoughts and/or fears on race and economics and history and gentrification and hipsterdom and empire and manifest destiny and repressed childhood memories and dreams and dreams deferred and insecurities and hope and change and progress. And so forth and so on and etc. And etc. A discussion simultaneously interesting and overwhelmingly stupid: is the discussion food for thought or is it empty calories?

Outside of Los Angeles, I imagine most people think of Eastside/Westside as a rap rivalry created in the 90s, the westside of which is Los Angeles. Are gangstas Westside? Well, I'll let you pose that question to your favorite LA resident, or editor of your favorite LA blog (who may or may not be Ohio born and raised. Whatever.).

Anyway. I'm drifting. And probably hungry.

There was a certain amount of commentary on the blog post from circa March 2009. Commentary that was, on one hand, somewhat interesting, but on the other hand, destined never to be finished. So I've decided to publish anyway. With just the pictures.

This is a glimpse of my views, circa March 2009. Some of these views are no more: erased from the landscape, casualty to the slow, steady march of time. (march of '09, march of time -- i'm trying here, people!)

Maybe I'll come back some day and fill in with commentary. But what's that line? Something like, words should only be spoken when they say more than silence.