Wednesday, January 30, 2008

(01.30.08) Recommends:

The track "Stranger" by Sunny Day Sets Fire (IAMSOUND, 2008).

We've been listening to this track on our way to work all week. We live less than eight miles from where we work. But often times it takes us 45 minutes to travel such a distance. Which normally annoys us to an unhealthy degree. But this week -- we'll we've just put this track on repeat and enjoyed it. It reminds us of The Apples in Stereo. We think the two could easily combine forces to create a psychedelic indie rock super group called Sunny Day Sets Fire to Apples in Stereo.

But anyway. If it can put us at ease in traffic, for the sake of our future children, we would like scientists to take a look at this song and figure out how it does it.

Sunny Day Sets Fire -- Stranger -- mp3.

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