Wednesday, May 07, 2008

(05.07.08) Recommends:

Public Transportation.

So over the past several weeks we've finally wised up. We have finally stopped trying to find secret routes! -- here and here for some background -- and started taking the metro to work. And my oh my. We've always believed that travel by train is the most civilized way to travel. And our belief has been reconfirmed. It is so lovely not having to deal with traffic. We sit peacefully on the way home now. Sometimes we even -- gasp! -- read books and magazines. We are reducing our carbon footprint. We are reducing our blood pressure -- we'd venture to guess we've lowered it anywhere from one-half to two-thirds. And we're the kind of people who always must be stressing to the point of a nervous breakdown. So with public transportion eliminating many of our known stressors we're very curious to see what will come up over this month to make us edgy. With public transportation on our side, we're willing to take on all comers.

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