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Blogging Your Way To Work/Proving Your Critics Wrong.

So after yesterday's post, we received no less than two messages challenging the assertion that we actually take the metro to work. We've long suspected that the readers of this blog are primarily ne'r-do-wells; however, we did not anticipate that they were also faithless.

We figured the only way to prove the nay-sayers wrong is to turn our morning commute into a Bloggable Event.

We like to call this first pic the Pre-6AM Hollywood Blackout Blues. LA -- we're not being fair here, this is pretty much applicable to California as a whole -- doesn't really get started until 10:30am, 9:30am tops. Which is great for us, as we grew up waking to the crowing of roosters and whirling of blow dryers at 4:00am every morning, so we can get started with our work without having to, you know, like, interact with people and stuff.

This next pic doesn't really do this building justice. But it's built in this weird castle-inspired architecture that is oddly prevalent throughout Los Angeles (was castle-inspired architecture big in, like, the 50s? Is this some residual Disney effect? Is this an elaborate joke we're not in on? If anybody has any info on LA's obsession with castle-based architecture, we'd love to know).

Franklin Ave. and Beachwood Dr.

Sushi Ike. Perhaps our favorite sushi in LA. Another peculiar California-ism is they put really excellent restaurants in totally sketchy strip malls. This has taken us years to get used to.

See what we mean? We remember the first time we (hurriedly) walked by this sign and thought rather than Al Wazir Chicken it said Al Jeezera Chicken. We figured that explained the existence, in the same strip mall, of a store called Security Training (which, no doubt, is a Department of Homeland Security it's-so-unsubtle-it-becomes-subtle front). However, upon noting our error, we're now pretty sure it's Thai Massage that the feds may or may not be monitoring.

We go to LA music venues all the time. We walk by the Henry Fonda every day. But we've never seen a show here.

Looking westward on Hollywood Blvd. The streets of where I'm from are paved with hearts instead of gold...

Our red line station.

The Alice in Wonderland decent.

The Metro is well-known for its use of alliteration.

Our g ride.

Our exit.

The view from the 7th Street Metro stop.

The view outside our office.

The view inside our office.

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