Monday, June 09, 2008

(06.09.08) Recommends:

The track "Le petit Succes" by Olivier Libaux presents Imbecile.

Indie 103 has a Saturday morning show called Passport Approved that plays music from all over the globe. The songs can be very hit or miss, but they played this song -- it's a band from France, and that's just about all that we can figure out about this band/song -- last Saturday and it's a god damn home run. The only problem is that we can find neither an mp3 of it, nor a place where more than 30 seconds of it is streamed (here), anywhere on the internet. Additionally, we'd be willing to buy the entire album for the song (rememeber when this was, like, people's only option??), but we cannot even find a place that reliably sells the album. It's as if this song came to us in a dream and disappeared when we woke up. But the song has been dancing around our head all weekend. So we thought we'd blog about it in the hope that some kind soul will google the song and/or band and will pass along the track to us.

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singlefabulous said...

For the low low price of 25 euros (ouch) on the French Amazon ( this CD can be yours, my friend!