Sunday, March 02, 2008

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Exploring Your Neighborhood.

So as we promised earlier, we set aside some time during this weekend to do nothing but sit on a patio, soak in the beautiful weather, and enjoy some beer.

So we woke up Sunday and set out by foot looking for adventure.

Readers of this blog know we've become completely obsessed with Project Runway this season. So we were pretty stoked when came around the bend and happened to glance across the street.

That's right. We stumbled unto Rami Kashou's Silverlake studio. Note the drapes in the front windows. Homeboy knows how to drape, there's no denying that.

A Sunny Day + A Random Pop Cultural Sighting = Time to Get our Thai Beer on, Yo.

Not wanting to mess with what proved to be a successful formula, we kept on truckin', Thai beer style.

By this point, things like formulas were too much for our malleable minds. So we threw caution to the wind and set out by foot looking for more adventures.

While Chuck Taylor's make us 13% hipper, Thai beer makes us 14% more tired.

So we flagged down a DD and continued the adventure in a big SUV [thus also doing our part to contribute to the War in Iraq].

We continued heading eastward.

Listening to MGMT makes us an additional 13% hipper.

Burrito King makes us an additional 13% fatter.

We might have gotten fatter today. But we can change; we can lose that weight.
Yes! We! Can!

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