Thursday, February 28, 2008

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Looking Forward to the Weekend.

We don't want to jinx it or anything, but. We've been doing some research. We're scoured the internet. Poured over the newspaper. Flipped through all the channels on the teevee. We even consulted with the guy down at the corner store. The verdict is in. And it's unanimous: this weekend is shaping up to be the Best Weekend Thus Far For This Calendar Year. We all just have to get through today. And then we've got more potential highlights than reasonable people can shake sticks at. Behold:
  1. Miss Chan Marshall will be serenading us on Friday.
  2. The weather is supposed to be, um, another nearly perfect LA weekend. sums it up succinctly with it's prediction of "abundant sunshine."
  3. Which means we're gonna be getting our exercise outside!
  4. We'll probably consume no less than three alcoholic drinks in a single sitting, because it is the weekend, and well, we can. Note: this does not mean the drink must come from a can. It might come from a bottle. Or a fancy glass. Or off the chest of an eager, nubile female. No, no. Another Note: we didn't just write that; it was the other editor; and it's completely false. And preposterous. We only love people for their minds. Sheesh.
  5. Last and probably funniest: New Will Ferrel Movie Weekend.
So there you go. There's no point in asking if you can top this list because we both know you can't. But you should try anyway. 'Cause this is the weekend when things are gonna happen.

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LifeTourist said...

your spacing looks all effed. and please tell the other editor to stop talking of girls chests. thank you and good night.