Saturday, February 02, 2008

(02.02.08) Recommends:

Pre-Invasion Jitters.

Back in October, we blogged a few times about David Dondero (here and here and here). Since that time we've found ourselves caught up in primary/caucus hysteria. (We've even blogged about a change we'd like to see in that process.) And all this political talk hearkens us back to those Dondero days. So last night, while we were catching up on the state of our political state we put on a live Dondero album -- released in January 2004 -- in the background. And up came Pre-Invasion Jitters. And man, oh man. There must be at least a half dozen ohnohedidn't! moments in these lyrics.

While we've been paying closer attention to politics these last few weeks than we have in a while, we're still pretty certain neither Democratic candidate would have the (gender-neutral) balls to bring a guy like Dondero up on the stage. So we feel it's our duty to continue to shine our light upon him. People complain that the young and the hip don't care about politics. Dondero cares. Anybody care to listen?

David Dondero -- Pre-Invasion Jitters -- mp3.

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