Friday, October 26, 2007

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David Dondero.

Wow. We cannot believe that it is 2007 and we're only just now being exposed to David Dondero. We live in an era of refrigerators and fax machines and internets and we're really just now finding out about this? Amazing. You're gonna take one listen to the mp3 we're offering today and you're gonna say, "Hmmmm, this voice really, really reminds me of a certain young troubadour from Omaha." And then you, like us, will wiki David Dondero. And then you, too, won't believe that it's 2007 and you're only now learning of the connection. Unless -- and this is entirely possible now that we've actually thought about it -- you are much hipper than us and already know about David Dondero, in which case we're gonna have to ask why the eff you didn't bring this gentlemen to our attention sooner?

Well, enough wondering already. Because for those of us in Los Angeles, we've got quite a treat this weekend. Not only is Mr. Dondero in town, but he's opening for Richard Buckner -- a true hero of this blog -- at Spaceland. More info here.

So, if you're in LA and you know us, come on out. If you're in LA and you've somehow stumbled upon this blog, come out and let's meet. We like meeting new people. By the time the show starts, KU will possibly be 8-0 in football and moving up in the BCS ratings. Writing that is almost as insane as not finding out about David Dondero until now.

So, check 'em out, saddlecreekers:

David Dondero -- Rothko Chapel -- mp3

More to hear at his Myspace.

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