Monday, October 15, 2007

(10.15.07) Recommends:

Manchester Orchestra's cover of Annuals' Brother.

We thought Annuals' Be He Me was one of the strongest records of 2006 and it didn't even come out until October, perhaps even exactly a year ago tomorrow? Well, happy anniversary people. Because Annuals are now hitting the road with their Atlanta-based friends Manchester Orchestra. And in honor of the 20-date slate of shows, a vinyl 7" containing each band covering each other's tracks will be available at the shows. Obviously 7" vinyl is way too music hardcore/underground/snobby for us. I mean, all we've got is a crappy laptop which is certain to crash at any second, taking with it most of the music we've purchased over the last five years, and a rickety CD player that makes most of our CDs skip. Luckily for us Luddites, a few of the songs showed up in our email this morning. Take a listen, wontcha?

Manchester Orchestra -- Brother (cover) -- mp3.
Annuals -- Brother (original) -- mp3.

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