Monday, November 06, 2006

(11.06.06) Recommends:

Annuals, "Be He Me" (Ace Fu, 2006).

The other day I blogged about one of this year's most ambitious releases. This is another one of them. This band sings and performs each song as if it's the last song they'll be allowed to perform on this earth. And the result is a very good thing. This band -- who makes the point on their myspace page, somewhat obnoxiously I think, that there is no "The" is their name -- hails from North Carolina, but they manage to channel that frantic energy of some of those Canadian bands of which the kids can't get enough. However, they are completely their own band. Look, I don't know how to write about listening to music. So how about this: "Carry Around" is easily one of the best tracks of the year. And luckily for you, it can be streamed for your listening pleasure from the band's aforesaid myspace. But you shouldn't just listen to one track. You need to hear the whole album. It's a bear from start to finish.

Band's website.

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