Saturday, October 13, 2007

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The Airborne Toxic Event.

We were laid up, sick, in bed all day yesterday. First we thought it was one of those innocuous 24-hour bugs. Then we thought maybe it was something more serious. We were feverish and we worried we were dehydrated. So, we walked to the market (the people of California call their grocery stores "markets") to pick up some Gatorade. We almost fainted four times on the way to-and-fro the market. Then we could not "keep" the Gatorade "down" and the funny/gross/educational thing about that is when you drink red Gatorade followed by blue Gatorade it does, in fact, come back up green. Who knew. So we were convinced that we would not be able to keep our body temperature down or our vital organs replenished so we were sure we were going to die.

Then, we remembered how the night before we had eaten a Caesar salad for dinner. Caesar salads, of course, are made of lettuce. And everybody knows that California lettuce was recalled last year due to E.Coli concerns. So naturally, we were convinced we had E. Coli and were going to die at any moment.

Then we convinced ourselves that we noticed some weird smell in our apartment. We were convinced that there was some kind of weird mold growing somewhere, the breathing in of which would slowly, surely, kill us.

Which brings us to the point of this blog entry. Since we were convinced that we were literally on our death bed probably due to breathing in mold, we naturally went looking to verify our symptoms on the internet. We Googled "toxic airborne" which, when we look at this search string now, makes little-to-no sense to us. But at the time, we were under an insane feverish delusion. At any rate, the first search result was for The Airborne Toxic Event, which is a band from Los Feliz, which, for people not familiar with the area, is a somewhat hipster-LA neighborhood.

So I clicked on the link.

Immediately the song "Does This Mean You're Moving On" pops up.

74 listens later, and we think our impending death, too, is moving on.

Here's a youtube video of the song:

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Sarah said...

hmm. hopefully you don't have reason to discover The Deadly Syndrome next! harha, sigh. hope yr feeling btr.