Friday, October 05, 2007

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When we last blogged about Alden Penner, he was playing, hidden away somewhere in the snowy climbs of Canada, sweet whispery music meant for long summer nights and mason jars of tea. Well, folks, it appears that this weekend at Pop Montreal -- we don't know if Montreal is a snowy climb in Canada, but we do know that non-Canadian Horse Feathers is opening the show, and we really love Horse Feathers around here -- Alden is re-emerging with a new band. They will come again to judge the living and the dead and they'll bring a sound that, judging from the album sampler mp3 that appeared on The Bleeting Heart Shows website, is as weirdly enticing as our favorite tracks from the Unicorns. We think this is gonna be really really good. Word is that Clues will soon release its debut album. We think this, too, is really really good news.

It's Friday and those rascally Canadians have come bearing good news again. Gosh, I like Fridays.

Clues -- album sampler -- mp3.

(mp3 via the Bleeting Heart Shows.)

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