Thursday, October 04, 2007

(10.04.07) Recommends:

Beirut, "The Flying Club Cup" (Ba Da Bing, 2007).

There may not be a musician alive putting out more important, interesting music than Zach Condon. Last year's "Gulag Orkestar" was one of the year's best records, with "Postcards from Italy" an instant classic. He's back with "The Flying Club Cup." It was due for an official release Oct 9 but leaked at the end of August, had an iTunes prerelease shortly thereater, and can now be streamed at Beirut's myspace. For those in the Bay Area the action is Oct 8-9 at the Herbst Theater. For those in Los Angeles it goes down Oct 10-11 at the Avalon. I haven't been this excited to see a show in a really long time.

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