Wednesday, September 05, 2007

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A Survey!

Welcome to the first installment of A Survey!, an interactive game that will test your knowledge of things that may or may not have recently happened to us, and a game that, if played correctly and with vigor, certainly has the potential to become our next national dance craze.

The rules of the game are simple. We give you a survey question about something that might have just happened to us. We then give the most compelling reason(s) for believing that the event in question occurred (labeled as "pros") followed by the most compelling reason(s) for believing that we are crazy and are just imagining things (labeled as "cons"). Finally, you give us, in the comments, the likelihood that the event in question actually occurred.

Now, on to the game.

This week's survey:
Did We Stand Behind Brandi Chastain In Line At The Grocery Store Late Last Night?

The Pros:
*We were at the Safeway behind Buck Shaw Stadium, home of the Santa Clara University Lady Bronco Soccer Team!
*Brandi Chastain played soccer at Santa Clara!
*And now lives in Santa Clara!
*With her husband who is the head soccer coach!
*And there is a big tournament this weekend which would explain the need for a late night run to the store to get emergency food to settle those pre-tournament jitters!
*Plus, the woman looked athletic and was wearing clothes that an adult would wear only if she were a former athlete and thus still in athletic-type shape!

The Cons:
*When she finally got through the always long late-night Safeway line and paid for her groceries, she did not celebrate by sliding to her knees and taking off her top, revealing only a black sports bra :(

Now, your turn to answer A Survey! Did We Stand Behind Brandi Chastain In Line At The Grocery Store Late Last Night?


Anonymous said...


Mia Hamm said...

Is she was buying booze it was probably her.

Anonymous said...

"Is she was buying"????? You sound a little slurry yourself, Mia!

julie said...

Yeah, Mia, what's the deal with that? You and Nomar been hitting the bottle since he's been on the DL?

Anonymous said...

No way it was her. She has children. 3% chance, tops.

Alan said...


JMB said...


It didn't look like booze. More like a nutrition bar, or fruit, or something. Very healthy looking, whatever it was.

tom said...

If nutrition bar = 47%
If fruit = 65%