Friday, July 13, 2007

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Reading Your Computer Screen, Checking Your Calender, and then Slowly Peering Out Your Window to Make Sure Nuclear Winter Hasn't Arrived.

Why did I just gets the shakes all of a sudden? Well, I just found out that Deerhoof, everybody's favorite experimental-punk-art-noise-spazrock-japanaband are playing -- wait for it, wait for it... -- Last Call With Carson Daly next Wednesday. Holy Friday the 13th, Batman! Let the culture wars begin!

I have no idea who watches Carson Daly. Actually, I have an idea: popped-collars who are just returning home from a(nother) night of playing Golden Tee at some stupid bar. Here's another idea: nobody. 2am is pretty far from TRL, regardless of your time zone.

Sarcasm aside, I don't know who actually watches the show. But, whoever they are, I hope they're ready for some Deerhoof to enter their lives.

Deerhoof -- Blue Cash -- mp3.
Deerhoof -- Milk Man -- mp3.

Deerhoof -- Assorted Songs -- website.

Deerhoof webpage.
Deerhoof Myspace.

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