Wednesday, July 11, 2007

(07.11.07) Recommends:

The Finches.

It has been a crazy and intense past two-months here. But July is almost over. And while normally I get a little wistful when July leaves me, knowing that it just means that summer is almost over, and only the long slow march to more serious times and crappy weather remains. But not this July. It can pass and fade into oblivion and never be thought about again. But...

...But. There are many days left till I'm tearing off another page of the calendar. But you know what has really helped me get through these days? A lovely band called the Finches. They're based in San Francisco and they play music that is soft and warm and slows my brain down. Check out what I mean:

The Finches -- Tar and Cement -- mp3

See what I mean? Stressful summer? Put this song on repeat, and things'll be just fine. Lazy summer? Put this song on repeat, and things'll be just fine. You get the point. And this is your new favorite band. So, go to their myspace and listen to more songs. More goodness at their website.

And, if you're really ambitious, join me at celebrating the end of this stupid month at Hemlock Tavern. The party is going down on July 28. I'll provide the first round. Oh yeah, The Finches will be providing the music. Can't beat that, friends.

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