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A Musical Scavenger Hunt.

So tonight I dusted off a CD I randomly received in the mail back in January 2003. It is labeled "Best of 2002." I don't know the person who made this CD; I remember I received it through somebody on an internet mailing list of one sort or another (remember Listservs? Social networking late 90's/early00's style). But I listened to it for the first time in years tonight, and '02 was a good year in music. Here's the tracklist (song/artist, obvs.):

1. fight est/flaming lips
2. wait until dark/kelly willis
3. count me in on this one/richard buckner
4. terrible vision/rhett miller
5. the good girls goodbye/mayflies usa
6. station to station/jay farrar
7. war on war/wilco
8. hilo and in between/neil halstead
9. a damn good disguise/mendoza line
10. braintree/the possibilities
11. downtown/peter bruntnell
12. california/jay bennett & ed burch
13. fast train/solomon burke
14. my name is jorge/the gourds
15. ugly stories/josh rouse
16. the monk at the disco/bobby bare jr.
17. you're missing/bruce springsteen
18. the golden age/beck
19. jerusalem/steve earle

Check back to this entry periodically; I'm going to search the ends of the internet to try to find mp3s of each of these songs. Until then, for my Rhapsody-subscribing readers, put these songs (you should be able to find most of them) into a playlist; it's a pretty good one. And, if the mysterious maker of this CD is out there, get in touch! I'd love to hear your "Best of" comps for the years thereafter!

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