Sunday, April 01, 2007

(04.01.07) Recommends:

Mickey Avalon.

Seemingly born a fully formed rapper in the Hollywood nightclub scene, his influence now extends to the MySpace crowd, hipster parties, and even HBO. Equal parts Beck and J.T. LeRoy, Ziggy Stardust and the Monkees, Boy Bands and Silver Lake burnouts. He's got that Ryan Adams quality where you can't decide whether he'll be dead in a few years, or become a huge star. Adams decided to live. Or, maybe he's destined for the J.T. LeRoy route, and the hoax will all unravel at any moment. What will happen to this Mickey Avalon character? I'm not sure. For now I know he has catchy tunes with impossibly over-the-top offensive lyrics. It'll be interesting to follow the story.

Mickey Avalon - Jane Fonda - mp3.
Mickey Avalon - Waiting to Die - mp3.

(note: these mp3s require Windows Media player)

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