Sunday, March 11, 2007

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Concert Photography, Vol. 7.

Bright Eyes, Night 2.
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, Calif.
Opening: Port O'Brien, Vetiver.
Special Guest: M. Ward

So I also decided to attend the the second Bright Eyes show. Both shows "sold out" in "seconds." Which meant -- this being a show at GAMH -- I had to show up about an hour before the doors opened to purchase a ticket at the box office. Still trying to figure out what it means when a show "sells out" at GAMH. Also still trying to figure out why people shell out lots of money for "sold out" shows at GAMH on eBay or craigslist.


First up was Port O'Brien, a very cool indie-folkie-rockie band from Oakland. They have a very energetic live show. A little Arcade Fire-meets-the Decemberists. M. Ward recently called the band his Favorite New Band. The band has some sort of nautical roots and hence the lead singer wore some kind of captain's hat:

Next up was Vetiver. They played second both nights. Another fun band based in San Francisco. They had long hair, and beards, and wore fedoras and played really good music:

With gratuitous banjo plucking thrown in for good measure:

Then Bright Eyes came out and put on another solid show:

And M. Ward joined again (that's him, in the baseball cap, on the right):

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