Saturday, March 10, 2007

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Concert Photography, Vol. 6.

Bright Eyes
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, Calif.

As with every proper blog entry about a GAMH show, we shall start with the facade (for fans of foreshadowing, there's a rather large omission on said facade):

This paragraph is where I traditionally post a few pictures of the opening band, and try to say a few nice words. At this show, however, the opening bands were overshadowed by a special guest, so I'll get right to the main course.

Capital y Young Capital d Dylan came out with his much-discussed new 'do:

And the band promptly kicked into the new single "Four Winds," which is a ridiculously catchy song (notwithstanding an opening stanza that possibly is a rip off of a famous holiday song). Listen and tell me how much you love this tune.

Now, at this point in the show (one song in) I'm actually a bit distressed; I'm thinking to myself, they just kicked off the show with such a great song. Does this show now have nowhere to go but down? Ummmmm, no. Enter: special guest:

It's a bird!

It's a plane!

It's M. effing Ward!

Two of the most important singer/songwriters of their generation. Together on one small stage. Needless to say, everybody in the crowd vomited in excitement. So did Young Dylan. So he did what any rock star would do, he wiped it off with his sleeves!

I know what you're thinking: Less talk, more rock. Following find more pictures of the show:

So, that facade was a lie by omission. Here's what it should have said:

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