Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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The Artwork of Geoff McFetridge.

McFetridge is an LA-based artist/graphic-designer. We first came across his work while checking out the Nike Sportwear installation store at the Montalban Theater. [1] He has wallpapered the upper floor of the theater in a print that resembles Where's Waldo? meets, say, Marcel Dzama. The cool thing is he has also put up the print on buildings around the theater.

Here's the view looking north from Selma and Vine. This is the building next to the theater:

Here's the building in three sections:

Here's the roof of the theater (unless you sneak on the roof, it's a hard shot to fully capture with a camera):

Here's another shot from Selma and Vine of the two buildings:

Perhaps the scaffolding hints at more art to come?

People and Places Mentioned in this Blog Post:
Geoff McFetridge

Montalban Theater
1615 North Vine Street.
Cinema Tuesdays at the theater.

Marcel Dzama
Richard Heller Gallery.

Where's Waldo

[1]Have you heard about this place? It's a retail shop, but it'll only be
around for three months. It's hard to describe all the cool things going on inside -- a combination ofsportsware and art and cinema and local outreach. If you're in the area, you're strongly recommended to stop in.

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