Friday, August 15, 2008

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So today we're gonna continue on our art kick. Our friend Fellow Blogger -- we always just bold her name rather than link to her as she refuses to allow us to ever link to her blog because she's obsessed with "anonymity" and insists that she will be "fired" [note: it's doubtful whether she's even employed] by the mere act of our linking to her [aside: remember when people used to call links hyperlinks? Also: Hypercolor. People used to wear that. We submit that hyperlinks and hypercolor need to make a comeback] -- introduced us to the artwork of Banksy shortly after we relocated to Los Angeles [and probably after a night of us talking her ear off about our love of Shepard Fairey's work].

This introduction was a good thing and a bad thing. A good thing because his art is pretty and funny and insightful and just shows up on walls out of nowhere with no prior warning making it an all-around cool and necessary thing.

But the intro was a bad thing, too, because as it is we're pretty suspect at driving, and now when we're driving, our eyes are constantly wandering off the road, looking for Banksy pieces, rather than concentrating on not smacking into the person in front of us.

Here are four pieces we've been able to find.

Banksy Girl. This one is found at the Valero gas station at the corner of La Brea and Beverly.

Banksy Gardener. Same location as above.

Banksy Caveman. This one is found by the New Beverly Cinema, 7165 Beverly Blvd.

Bansky Rat. This one is on Melrose, just West of Orange Dr. This is our favorite piece we've spotted thus far.

To give you a sense of it's size, here's a picture from the north side of Melrose. The rat's gotta be 10 feet tall.

If you know the locations of any other LA Banksy pieces, please write in to let us know!

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Diet Coke and a Side of Fries said...

pfff. the problem was not the linkage, but you used my real name once!!!! doh.