Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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Trending Topics on Twitter Search.

So, some background. There used to be a company called Summize.
It was a search engine for Twitter. Then it was purchased by Twitter. The search engine can now be found here.

It has a nifty feature called Trending Topics. Pretty self explanatory -- presents words that are appearing in lots of Twitters (or "tweets," a word we cannot actually bring ourselves to use). This afternoon we noticed the phrase Arkansas Democrat. We knew this had nothing to do with Barack Obama's VP selection because we had not received an email (we presume you, like us, have signed up for the notification). Curious, then, as to why an Arkansas Democrat was in the news, we clicked on the link. To discover that the chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party had been killed. We quickly went to the NY Times online. No news. Like with the LA earthquake, Twitter again trumped the wires. We suspect we'll see more and more of this.

We're very excited with the prospect of being able to mine the vast amount of underlying Twitter data. The future exists somewhere in them there hills.

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