Monday, August 11, 2008

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Some Updates.

1. Matthew wrote in to update us on the missing song titles from our Horse Feathers post. The post now has the updated titles.

2. The other day we had this to Twitter. We went back to the scene of the crime when it was more light out and discovered that it's actually an MBW. But it's very Banksyesque. Here's a look:

3. Re Sunday's Obey post. This is less an update than a call for help. What we really want to be able to do is have the big picture of the mural, and then be able to click on each piece of the mural to have that individual piece pop up. We swear we've seen this done in Flickr but cannot figure out how to do it. Is this something that requires Photoshop? If anybody can help us out with this drop us a comment/email.

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