Monday, July 14, 2008

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Two New Additions to the Blog.

For the past week or so we've been playing around in other areas of the blogosphere. The focus of this blog has always been a bit random, but there seems to be a directional shift in focus over the past several months. We've been wondering if there might be more cohesion to the blog by segregating certain blog topics (e.g., quick, straight-up music recommendations vs. photo-blogging adventures vs. etc) among various blog tools (music blasts to twitter vs. photo-blogging to blogger vs. somehow incorporating tumblr and/or flickr). We're still batting around ideas in our head, and welcome any advice, design or otherwise. Two additions to the blog that we'll quickly mention:

1. First. Twitter at the upper right hand column. As mentioned above, we may use this for short music blasts or for other things too short for a full-length post.

2. Second. You'll notice a new tag, "90068." This tag corresponds to our zip code, and we've added it so our feed will be picked up by so we can leverage their new GeoToolkit service. Go here for more info on We recommend all fellow bloggers who read us to start geo-tagging as well.

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