Friday, April 25, 2008

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A Survey!

This is the third installment of the series.

This installment:
Dawn Landes vs. Colin Meloy.

Dawn Landes is playing a show at Spaceland on Monday evening.
Colin Meloy is playing a show at the Henry Fonda on Monday evening.

Who wins out?

Dawn Landes' pros:
  1. The show is free.
  2. Her new album is one of our favorite of the year.
  3. We love blogging about her.

Dawn Landes' cons:
None that come to mind.

Colin Meloy's pros:
  1. We've been on this huge Colin Meloy solo kick lately, listening to Colin Meloy Sings Live! pretty much non-stop for a week now. Then, the other night, while out walking, we noticed his name of the Fonda marquee, so it seemed pretty fitting to go.
  2. We've had this Decemberists-California connection for a while now. Nearly five years ago, when we first visited the Bay Area as part of the due diligence period that led to use moving there, we came with only a week's worth of clothes and a single CD: Her Majesty The Decemberists. We drove around the City, listening only to this CD, and falling in love with both. We're thinking this show would be a good close to an otherwise crappy month.
Colin Meloy's cons:
  1. The show is twenty five dollars more than free.
  2. Most events that we see advertised at the Henry Fonda seem way sketch, so we're curious why he choose that venue.
So, you get to decide. Let us know in the comments or in email which show we should attend.

1 comment:

Brett said...

Obviously you know nothing.

You should see Radars To The Sky/The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra/Western States Motel/The Coral Sea on Monday.

All at the Echo.

All for free.

Put that in your blog pipe and try not inhaling.