Saturday, April 12, 2008

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Going Home Again.

Well, well -- we've proved Thomas Wolfe wrong today (and the sun's just out; what else does this day have in store for us?); we're going home again. As in: today we purchased airline tickets and we're headed back to visit America [1] come June. Don't get us wrong -- LA has been a blast these last six months, and before everything is said and done we'll have left our mark on this town in a way that few have done before. But, we know where we're from and who we're from, and if there's two things we've been sorely missing these last six months, it's those two things. We couldn't be more excited to spend some quality time with both very, very soon.

[1] One of our dearest friends in law school was from Oklahoma. And every time he'd go back to Oklahoma during the holidays he'd announce that he was "going back to America." This guy is one of the funniest people we've ever met, but this line might have been our favorite. So we've stolen it and applied it to Kansas. But we felt obliged to note that we're not nearly clever enough to come up with something like that on our own.

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