Monday, March 31, 2008

(03.31.08) Recommends:

The LA64.
#56: The Griddle Cafe
7916 W Sunset Blvd.

(explanation of series here.)

We like waking up on the weekends and making pancakes. We cannot always, however, vouch for their tasteyness. Therefore, if you find yourself in LA, and in need of a pancake fix, there's really only one option: Griddle Cafe. Their pancakes -- and we're not exaggerating here -- are bigger than your face. You will be unable to eat, and probably move, for no less than three days. We would try to spend paragraphs exalting the virtues of this place, but frankly, words are insufficient here. So we'll just give this: If you were to reduce Griddle Cafe pancakery to an SAT question, you would have:

Griddle Cafe: LA pancakes:: Arthur Bryant's: KC bbq.

One more thing worth mentioning, now that we're reviewing that picture. You'll notice a really long line. Regardless of time or day, there's always such a line outside this place. You'll also notice the female: male ratio in the picture to be roughly 5:1 (wait, is that what they mean by the Golden Ratio?) And that should end the discussion right there. Any pancake place that serves pancakes bigger than your face, in a stack thicker than your thighs, and still gets that many females clamoring to queue up has to be amazing, right?


Go already. You'll thank us later.

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