Sunday, March 16, 2008

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Swinging Nachos Like You Just Don't Care.

So, last night we made tacos with a Fellow Blogger. And whenever we eat tacos late-night-style, we tend to wake up real early-morning-style the next morning. And this Sunday morning, we had some business to attend to in the Hills of Beverly. And one of our favorite parts of living in California for the last nearly four years has been finding ourselves traveling through locations -- much like the Hills of Beverly -- that we heretofore knew only through songs. And usually, when we find ourselves in these places that seem familiar, we put on the song that makes them feel familiar, and bump it, real loud like. So this AM, while still under the influence of a post-taco glow, we were blaring Pavement. We're not sure if the denizens of Beverly Hills were quite feeling what we were feeling. But at any rate, they were hearing us. And we thought we'd share with you that song, as well.

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