Tuesday, March 04, 2008

(03.04.08) Recommends:

Concert Photography, vol. 13 [Limited Edition vol.]
The Mountain Goats,
The Troubadour,
West Hollywood, Calif.

We just got back from the show and we'll have more to say on it tomorrow. One thing that struck us at the show. Some people communicate through omission. Other people communicate through, well, words. The Mountain Goats communicate with words. We appreciate that. People who communicate through omissions are mostly pussies. See you tomorrow, folks.

Update: After going through our pics there aren't any good enough to post. The above picture is the clearest thing we got and it's pretty bad. It gets really dark and packed at the Troubadour and we're too reluctant to use our flash. We still obviously need training at taking pics in dark rock clubs. If any readers out there want to give us some pointers, we'd love some lessons. We're also thinking about moving beyond our old digital camera into something a bit more fancy and would love input on that decision as well.

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