Thursday, December 13, 2007

(12.13.07) Recommends:

Not Misrepresenting Your Capacity To Provide The Masses With Pinball.

Okay, maybe we're not being fair here. Because Power House (1714 N Highland Ave, in case anybody googles this while conducting due diligence on places to play pinball in Los Angeles) never actually directly represented to us that we could play pinball there. But, come on. Please read their citysearch reviews. Using the find function on your web browser search for "pinball." You will come upon this result:

The wise-cracking bartender, stiff cocktails, classic rock-filled jukebox, darts and pinball games will keep you busy, while the rowdy barroom banter will keep you alert.

In reasonable reliance upon such representations you will show up at Power House. Pockets full of quarters. Hearts full of optimism. And you will be: denied. Because: there is no pinball. Anywhere.

Power House, how we love thee for only having PBR on tap. But we hate that you do not have pinball. Please remedy this because we'd really love to come back into your Christmas-light-decorated and Kansas-hoodie-approving bosom.

But we swear to you that it will never happen until we can play pinball.

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