Tuesday, October 23, 2007

(10.23.07) Recommends:

White Rabbits.

So the transition to moving to a new city and a new neighborhood has been made smooth due pretty much exclusively to the generous and large-hearted people who we know. They've cooked us meals. They've invited us over to play Scrabble. They've invited us out to shows. Frankly, we're still trying to figure out what we bring to the table and why these generous people continue to return our phone calls, and reply to our text messages and emails. But in the mean time, we'll just go with it. So the latest in our burgeoning list of cool things to which cooler-people-than-we have invited us was to see Tokyo Police Club at the El Rey.

Long time readers will remember that we've been batting our eye lashes at TPC for a while now. They were, we're happy to report, really fantastic live.

But before they hit the stage, White Rabbits had the place up and dancing. We had not heard of White Rabbits before tonight, but we have a feeling they're gonna be a pretty indispensable part of our music collection going forward. And I'm not saying this just because they're quasi-hometown homies -- they got their start in Columbia, Mo. They had the crowd whipped into a frenzy, and anytime an opening band can do this, attention must be paid.

There's very few things we enjoy more than walking into a show, completely unaware of a band, and walking away converts.

It happened tonight. Check 'em out for yourself.

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