Sunday, October 21, 2007

(10.21.07) Recommends:

Luke Temple.

Remember that time when you were in the fourth grade and your teacher went up to the chalk board and wrote, "A Man, A Plan, A Canal: Panama!" and you actually thought to yourself, Man, dyslexics get all the breaks sometimes. Then you went home and cried yourself to sleep because above all else you are emo and you couldn't believe that such horrible thoughts were fermenting in your brain?

Well, all those feelings came rushing back to us when we stumbled upon the music of Luke Temple this weekend. And by this, we mean that when we first heard his music we thought to ourselves, A Man, A Voice, A Guitar, Based in Brooklyn: Huzzah!

Listen to Saturday People. Just a little dash of banjo goes a long way toward creating a tasty treat, right?

Luke Taylor -- Saturday People -- streaming audio.

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