Friday, September 14, 2007

(09.14.07) Recommends:

Concert Photography, Vol. 11
The Deadly Syndrome,
Cafe du Nord,
San Francisco, Calif.

Firstly. We live in a world of boxes. When we come across something new – artists, politicians, athletes, restaurants, job titles, clothing styles, board games, anything really – we must label the new thing and stick it in a familiar box. We are overwhelmed with inputs and therefore we must box. When we vote for a president, we check off the box representing our candidate. When we don't want to commit to action for fear of all the unintended and unending consequences it will bring, we say, You know I really don't want to open Pandora's box here. We label our geniuses and eccentrics as people who Think Outside The Box. We are box people. I get it. I don't like it, but I get it, ya know? Therefore, sadly, but true, a review of the Deadly Syndrome must not be written without mentioning Modest MouseBuilttoSpillWolfParadeTheShinsArcadeFire. We will mention this now so that we can put it away in a box, never to mention it again.

Secondly. The first time I saw this band, the lead singer was wearing what appeared to be an ascot, Fred-from-Scooby-Doo-style. Last night, tucked away in the back corner of the basement of a rock club located in a neighborhood widely recognized as ground zero for Gayness in America, he wore a plain white t-shirt. The lead singer, presumably, does not subscribe to a world of boxes. His sense of style is either cat-like, or I am seriously over-analyzing things here.

Thirdly. Blogs -- if they have not already -- will soon spill enough ink about this band to make Ayn Rand blush. And for good reason. This band is fantastic. They teeter on the brink of losing control only to right the ship the only way a musical ship can reasonably be righted: with a little accordion. So learn for yourself about that which everybody is or soon will be speaking: Go to their myspace and check out their songs. Of late, "I Hope I Become a Ghost," "Emily Paints," and "Heart" have been in heavy rotation. Go to their website and buy their new record. In came out on Tuesday. It comes in a jewel-case, which is more or less a box. And you like boxes, remember?

And now. Some pictures. If you click on them, they get bigger.

Cacophony, Pt. 1:

Wait, is that Sophia Coppola, bottom of the shot, second to the left? Sophia Coppola would totally be into this band. Wait, do you think she'd be into me? No seriously, Sophia Coppola would totally be into me:

Being Comfortable With Your Masculinity, Pt. 1:

Cacophony, Pt. 2:

Being Comfortable With Your Masculinity, Pt. 2:

Reenacting The Parking Lot Drum Circle After Phish, Deer Creek, Fall 1997: So not cool guys. So not indie rock. Our boxes are not sturdy enough to fit your Drum Circles.

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