Saturday, September 08, 2007

(09.08.07) Recommends:

The Salivating Lymph Nodes.

You are advised to check out their newest EP "Best Regards From Poland" out this week on Screaming Dandelions, Ltd., the seminal underground retro-nouveau punk label. Of course, in order to hear it you'll need to invest in a turntable (about time, homie) as SDL only puts out vinyl (kinda like that pseudo-goth crush of yours sophomore year, but that's another story, inn'nit?). The vinyl is pressed in the last two pews of a converted church in Olso and is only available at 83 rue des Martyrs (so obvious, right?) a small, influential record shop along a long, narrow street in Coizard-Joches, France. The record store does not have a name, and therefore has no name on the storefront, and furthermore it doesn’t have a storefront or even a door for that matter. So, you'll just have to call 01 42 64 45 40 and ask for Oliver (nee Steve, he's an ex-pat and a sell out; total bullshit, I do realize, but what are you gonna do, start shopping at Sam Goodie? Christ.) and he will send somebody to get you. The store is only open on Tuesdays in September from 14:14-14:47 CEST. But don't bother trying to convert that to any time zone in the U.S., because when you actually do the math, it turns out that time doesn't even occur in the U.S. So anyway, enjoy the record, my lovelies. Pitchfork already gave it a 9.7 but the review is only available on its exclusive intranet site, but maybe you know someone who knows someone who knows someone on Oink who can hook you up. Lates.


Anonymous said...

that band is so shitty; i can't believe you're writing about them. you suck.

Anonymous said...

whatever, anon, you're just pissed because you don't know how to get a copy of the album.