Saturday, December 02, 2006

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Giving me something to talk about.

Holy goodness! I have not had anything to recommend since like the middle of October. And it's not for want of awesome things taking place in the world. It's because I've been completely out of the loop. No joke: this week alone I have spent the better part of two entire days thinking about this legal theory called "right of publicity", which is a "creature of state law", and I've been seeing how it intersects with, and is possibly preempted by, federal copyright law.

Why have I been dwelling on this issue lately? The answer to that would be long, and most definitely not be interesting to any of you, my dear readers. So. Proposition: send me an email, and tell me something that you have experienced lately that has inspired you. Seriously. I know people read this site (yes, yes, I know things people). And I'd love to hear what people are experiencing as I am hiding out. And that way, I can have something to write about.

Also: I recently made a Best of 2006 CD that I would be happy to send to anybody who is interested. Again, just drop me an email.

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