Wednesday, November 08, 2006

(11.08.06) Recommends:

Chuck Berry, "The Definitive Collection" (Geffen, 2006).

Chuck Berry turned 80 this year. He hasn't put out an album of new material since 1979. I hope he gets around to putting out one more before he passes away. I've talked before about how I'd love to see, e.g., someone like Rick Ruben produce a great Elton John album , and I feel even stronger about Chuck Berry. Can you imagine Chuck Berry channelled through, say, Jack White? Chuck Berry is clearly a legend in our midst. We need to recognize this before it's too late. So I challenge you to go get this collection. People are talking today about "America being re-claimed." America is the land of rock 'n roll. And rock 'n roll, by any other name, would be Chuck Berry.

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