Thursday, November 02, 2006

(11.02.06) Recommends:

The artwork of Tom Stack.

Tom Stack is an artist out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I first stumbled upon his work by accident. A friend and I were at Amoeba Records and decided to play the time-honored game played in used record bins the word over. We both had to purchase an album based solely on cover art and...and I'm not sure exactly how the game is scored. Either the person who chooses the most listenable album or least listenable album "wins". Really, nobody wins, except for Amoeba, who gets to keep our money. Now that I think about it, maybe this game is actually only played in the US. Perhaps other countries would find this type of consumption disgraceful in light of the starving children of the world for whom a mere dollar a day would bring salvation. [Or, at least drive away those nasty flies. (Oh god, did I really just type that?)]

Or, nobody wins unless you discover a cool artist. And that's what happened here. The album I choose was by a band called .22. The album is called "Patriots." This Tom Stack fellow did the album artwork. Cool , right? Here's his website. As you can see his specialty is bird paintings. The paintings are very elegant; the lines very clean. (Note: I have no idea what that last sentence means. It sounds kinda art-fancy though, right?) As an added bonus, the names of his pictures sound like they could have been Guided By Voices song titles. "These Seagulls Are Insane Beasts." "Your Eyes Become A Shorebird." "The Observation. A Rediscovery Of The Third Dimension." Etc. You get the picture. Now go get the picture, literally. [These things are on sale (wakka wakka)].

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