Sunday, October 29, 2006

(10.29.06) Recommends:

Chris Garneau, "Not Nice" from the forthcoming "Music for Tourists" (Absolutely Kosher, Jan. 2007).

Goodness me. Is it possible that it is not yet Halloween and I've already heard one of the best songs that will be released in 2007? Don't just take my word for it: Absolutely Kosher has given us a sneak peak. Please listen to "Not Nice" right now. You have a new hero of which you heretofore did not know. It's okay. Chris Garneau is here now; things are looking up. I would say more, but please just listen to this song, and let the awesomeness of this song do the typing for me.

His official website.
His myspace. (Four more songs from the forthcoming album available for streaming).
His Absolutely Kosher website. (Where you can pre-order this bad boy).

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