Thursday, October 26, 2006

(10.26.06) Recommends:

Getting to sleep well before midnight.

Sometimes there are weeks where you don't get to bed until ungodly hours. Those weeks are necessary evils, I suppose. But I've always heard this theory -- I'm still not sure if it's an old wives tale, or if it is genuine science -- that the best sleep comes before midnight. Whether true or not, not much beats being asleep before the 10 o'clock news is over and waking up refreshed the next day.

So. Tonight why don't you just put away your work a little early -- they'll be more work to do tomorrow, regardless of how much you get done tonight; they're always is -- crawl into bed, and put on 4am by Richard Buckner. We'll see you tomorrow. Bright and early.

Richard Buckner, 4am.

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