Wednesday, October 18, 2006

(10.18.06) Recommends:

Being able to digitally record your dreams for future play back.

Okay, so probably Al Gore hasn’t invented this yet. Until that day comes, watching the following video is the closest I’ve ever come to such an experience. Wow. This video is a doozie. It starts off with a familiar enough scene. Bozo, giving the camera that half-seductive, half-psychotic smile followed by his quasi-marching-band-leader dance segueing into a quasi-River Dance that we can all remember seeing on WGN in our childhoods. But then a foreign language pops up. It's a sure sign you're dreaming when you see a familar scene, but everybody around you is speaking a language you've never heard, right? Pretty much from there it turns wacky very quickly. Following find a partial list of reasons why this video has been alternately blowing my mind and freaking me out all day:

--A low-budget, dancing frog.
--Everybody kissing Bozo’s nose, as if it’s the pope’s ring.
--Some kind of clown/werewolf in gold sequins, with long, flowing gold beard.
--A mass of children, violently jumping up and down, shaking pom-poms in unison.
--Random, clearly imitation, Muppets puppets, who quite frankly looked terrified to be part of this.
--Asian + other multi-ethnic jugglers.
--Asian fire-spitters.
--Asian magicians.
--Marching band with electric guitar players.
--Marching band with bearded electric guitar players.
--Marching band with mullet-ed electric guitar players.

If anybody has any details about the origin of this clip I would love to hear from you.

This video cannot be stopped.

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