Thursday, October 05, 2006

(10.05.06) Recommends:

The Subways, "Young For Eternity" (Sire, 2006).

First off, the members of this band, the literature tells me, are all under 20. Secondly, this music is like Brit Rock, Folk Rock, and Punk Rock all at once. Be warned, dear readers, that Pitchfork gave this record a crappy review. But that's mostly a function of this album coming out on Sire records, which is a part of Warner Bros. -- gasp! a major label! -- and Sire apparently doesn't have the hipster cachet of Sup Pop (49% owned by Time Warner/Warner Bros.). Oh yeah, and maybe because their music also appeared on The O.C. But if you can listen to these songs, and not want to live life, then you should stay in that dark, dank, moldy, solitary apartment (the same place where 95% of those Pitchfork reviews are no doubt written) of yours, and shake your fists at people who are willing to go out and do things, and create, and live. While you're in that dark space, you might as well go over to The Subways' myspace page and listen to the song "Mary," because you might as well bop your head while you're all by yourself sticking it to the man, or whatever you're protesting.

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