Monday, October 02, 2006

(10.02.06) Recommends:

M. Ward, "Post-War" (Merge, 2006).

Since I mentioned M. Ward in Saturday's post, today seems like an appropriate time to formally recognize his newest effort in this space. He has put together another solid American rock etc. record. He brings the rock more than say, Horse Feathers, on tracks like "Poison Cup" and "To Go Home" [thanks largely to the backing band (a first for a M. Ward album)]. But he's still bringing the rock accompanied with warm strings and that weathered voice. And that's why we love M. Ward.

Get the facts and vote Yes:
Don't just take my word for it: thanks to the fine folks at Merge Records, the whole album currently can be streamed here.

Also of note:
His official website.
His myspace.

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